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Taiwan ShanSi introduction

Taiwan ShanSi' s predecessor is mount tai temple. Mount tai temple is located in yancheng antai outside the small beach on high ground, for the ancient yancheng city one of five dongyue temple, built in when has no exam, the wanli built ten years.
Mount tai temple is the Ming and qing dynasties, architectural style, originally for four in the court room, the entrance wall has eight, and the gate on the wall of the type books are "mount tai temple" three LiTi characters; The second into for two layer buildings; The third into is a halls, both sides has a gallery; The fourth into for the scripture-stored tower. In 1941, the Chinese and foreign in shock after the outbreak of incident, the communist party's central military commission decided to yancheng reconstruction from the new fourth army, the military in mount tai temple. In the same year in July, crushing the puppet army for big "mopping-up", military retreat to stop no wings port, mount tai temple bombarded by enemy aircraft lousy Fried, damage is very serious. To the founding eve, only to save sites. In May 1985, yancheng city people's government according to the central propaganda department and jiangsu provincial party committee decided, mount tai temple rebuilt as it is, for the new fourth army military memorially, in the following year October built and open up to the outside world, presently for national units of cultural relics protection.
Mount tai temple and in the vanguard of the island, is the source of the city commercial and culture in the veins, simultaneously also is everyone's idea of yancheng "holy land". History is the city brand repository. Mount tai temple in Ming dynasty scholar XingHua generation, head member LiChunFang built. LiChunFang by boat to descend yancheng west, happened to sell LaoYu part, was her "wheat bran ChiMian such as yellow frost" by interference, but unexpectedly and city interview "carbon black ash red like snow" interference coincidence, LiChunFang also JiYaQunFang and scholar in. So by msn.i: "god is the wisdom of ground, and", then any gratitude and build temple, hundreds of years, incense exuberant. Yancheng is ever culture-enriched, ChenLin of articles, SongCao calligraphy, king of ideology, the shy naih-an gen the shuihu "...... Continue from generation to generation. LiuXiuFu wei write "ZhongLie", the dike fan4 zhong4 yan sing "sorrow music", "LuYi" save history, "two Joe" preach charming story... Is the city of wisdom. In order to inherit wisdom, blessing earth, yancheng city people's government decided to, the implementation of the mount tai temple restoration and reconstruction project, which the manjusri bodhisattva and wisdom. The BaiQing buddhist association of China's vice President of ShanSi wutai mountain, the abbot wonderful jiang master, determine the manjusri bodhisattva for vice the dojo, wonderful jiang master Suggestions for the temple name "Taiwan ShanSi", after approval to agree.
Taiwan and its traditional culture area is ShanSi pioneer square, a part of. In 2009, the pioneer square project was determined as the old city reconstruction yancheng city government "project one", the proprietary of yancheng city construction investment group, a ShanSi proprietary of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong group by thousands of buddhist culture development foundation preparatory committee was established for construction.
Taiwan ShanSi engineering in addition to the original construction to repair, rebuild building near square meters, construction period 2 years. Taiwan ShanSi as China's big four buddhist holy land of manjusri bodhisattva the wutai mountain FenDao field, the theme of mosque-building and concept are "ChengZhiRun hui, the net prayers". ShanSi machine main building has China, such as YanGe manjusri cabinet. Among them, the cabinet is located in the temple manjusri west side, base layer above 5, base the following 2 layer, the total construction height 60.8 meters, is the most distinctive manjusri cabinet, cabinet manjusri bodhisattva statues of worship. The temple will also consecrate by the Hong Kong thousand-buddha culture development foundation donated the world's only 500 of the five hundred in ocean's qingtian color jade carving, which set art gallery 84 of the life of the Buddha of suzhou embroidery face significantly. Taiwan is the our city and our province ShanSi Buddhism the important place is southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan buddhist communication platform.

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